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"At my age, I can't believe I didn't know this stuff. I'm recommending this book to all my friends."  Carol, Stroudsburg, PA

"I wish I'd read this book 30 years ago."   D.L., Philadelphia radio personality. 

"What an education. I'm buying a copy for each of my children. It will be the best gift I can give them."
C.P., Oxnard, CA

"This is the easiest reading book on finance that I've seen. Lynott has an informal style that makes everything easy to understand."
R.A., Augusta, GA

    Whether you're a student or an executive, in an upper income bracket or operating on a tight budget, you need this manual of personal financial management.   Building personal wealth requires a sound knowledge of the 33 principles of sound money management covered in this book. It will tell you in clear and colorful language the four most important words you will ever hear about handling your personal finances.
   How to make credit work for you instead of against you; how to beat the banks at their own game; places you should NEVER put your cash; how to avoid costly scams that are fleecing unwary victims every day; how to make every dollar you earn work for you; how to minimize Uncle Sam's piece of your pie; how to recognize "rules" that were made to be broken; how to prepare for and enjoy a comfortable retirement.
   You'll treasure this book as a valuable permanent reference to help you travel the bumpy road to personal wealth.
   In his years an independent business management consultant, Bill Lynott counseled hundreds of small business owners on their personal and business finances. More than 900 of his articles on business, personal finance, and other subjects have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and trade journals. His monthly trade journal column "Your Money" has been running for more than 20 years.

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