How It All Started:
Bill's first published article appeared in the February 1957 issue of Popular Electronics magazine while he was still a vapid youth (he's still vapid but he's no longer a youth). While pursuing his business career, first as corporate executive and later as a management consultant and newsletter publisher, Bill continued to indulge his passion for freelance writing.

More than 900 of his essays and articles on business and financial topics have appeared in major magazines, newspapers, and trade journals. His third book, Money: How to Make the Most of What You've Got (Author's Choice Press) was released in December 2000.

Bill's seminars on marketing, business management and effective communication have been attended by hundreds of business and professional people. He has lectured at continuing education classes at University of Wisconsin at Madison, University of Maryland, and Notre Dame University.

     The bad news is that Bill has retired from business, thus making it possible to devote his full time to turning out even more of his ramblings.


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